Kevin and Julie’s Ladies and Gentlemen

CH Nemesis Oliver’s Shadow Of  Wildenberg


  • Black/Silver – 20lbs @ 14″ Tall

What a nice boy Charleston is!  He is very sweet and mild mannered.  The gets along very well with all the other dogs and puppies, and loves people.  Charleston loves to be on your lap and cuddle.  He has the funniest moan-like grunt sound he does when he wants something.  He is always alert and wants to know whats going on around him.  Charleston doesn’t bark much only when company comes.  Then my dog choir/doorbell goes off, LOL!

White De Pepa Caspian


  • White – 20lbs @ 14″ Tall

Caspian loves to be outside and keep track of everything that is going on in the yard and beyond.  Of course being white automatically makes him want to dig and play in the dirt, lol.   He is a very sweet boy and loves and wants to play with all the other dogs.  When you are in the room he wants to be right with you or walking every step between your legs and on your feet.   Caspian is super chill.

Charleston’s Purple Poppi


  • Salt/Pepper – 16lbs @ 14″ Tall

Poppi is such a sweet dog.  Everytime you come into the room she wants loved on and picked up.  She is very playful.  If a table scrape accidently hits the floor or the treats come out she is always the first one to be there and get it.   She loves to be outside in the fresh air and bask in the sun.  Her favorite thing to do is pull all the dog beds out the doggie door into the yard.  She is just like her mother Violet.  She uses her paw to let you know that she wants love, or if you quit petting her and she wants more.  She loves to snuggle.

Freya’s Shadow Of Charleston


  • Black/Silver

This is one silly girl.  She loves to play and is always trying to get the others to play with her.  Digging in the dirt and having her beard full of mud is a must for her, lol.  Freya loves attention and being with you.  Like her mother Odetta, she is a snuggler in bed cuddling right up next to you.  Freya is definately a really sweet mild mannered girl.

Caspian’s Purple Iris


  • Salt/Pepper – 18lbs @ 14″ Tall

Iris is a super sweet girl.  She wants to have all of the attention to herself.  She is silly and very loving.  She loves to snuggle, be on your lap, and get kisses.  Iris loves to play, go outside, and follow you around.  She can be very energentic and she can also be very calm.  Great personality!

Charleston’s Eloise Of Victoria


  • Black/Silver – 17 lbs @ 13″ Tall

Eloise is a quirky little girl.  She is really sweet and loves attention, but also likes to go off and do her own thing.  She is a quiet girl and can get lost in the crowd.  Weezy as I call her,  is quite the diva that wants her fair share of attention but does not demand it.

Charleston N Odetta’s Matilda


  • Black – 18lbs @ 14″ Tall

Playful, loving, and sweet, that would be Matilda.  She is a lot like her mother Odetta.  Matilda is very mild-mannered.  She loves attention but does not demand it.  She loves to be held and snuggled.  Acts shy when you talk to her, but she’s not, lol.   Such a sweetheart!

Creedmore’s Maggie Mae

“Maggie Mae”

  • Black – 14lbs @ 13″ Tall

Maggie Mae is very ornery and playful.  She is always stealing the toys from the puppies and other dogs.  Maggie is always trying to get someone to play with her.  She is a very sweet and cuddly girl.  She loves attention, and being held, and is very snuggly in bed.

Rachel’s Ladies

Charleston’s Lady Clemantine


  • Salt/Pepper – 15lbs @ 13″ Tall

Clem has such a FUN personality! She is constantly making me laugh and smile. She loves attention and will curl up and sleep under the covers or anywhere you put her as long as it’s with you. She will snuggle up and sleep with me all night without moving. She is energetic and SMART as a whip. She has a funny hop when she prances around that is unique and so funny to watch. Her favorite hideout is her pineapple dog bed. She adores it. She is just all-around loving and happy!

Creedmore’s Gal Gretta


  • Black/Silver- 20lbs @ 14″ Tall

Gretta is the playful one in the bunch.  She likes to run and play outside.  She likes to take everything she can get her teeth into, outside, LOL!  Gretta is the grab-and-run kind of girl.  She loves new and noisy toys.  She also is a big snuggler.  When worn out from all her play, she likes to snuggle.

Charleston’s Lady Hazel


  • Salt/Pepper – 16lbs @ 14″ Tall

Hazel is the SWEETEEST!  She is always the first dog to greet mom in the morning with her signature, head thrown back howl!  Her favorite things are momma’s socks, finding treasures in the yard, car rides, and curling up on Rachel’s shoulder for coffee and cuddles.  You will find Witch-Hazel in the yard, curled up with her head on one of mom’s cockes, or at her feet.

Rachel’s Golden Nugget


  • Black/Silver – 12lbs @ 12″ Tall

Nugget is a tiny bundle of joy! She is 12 lbs of spunk and pizazz, and she is everybody’s best friend. Nugget never has a bad day and she won’t let you have one either. Every human and dog who meets her will fall in love with the most lovable, Nuggybug.

Charleston’s Gal Sandra P

“Sandra P”

  • Black/Silver

Sandra is everyone’s favorite.  From the time she was a puppy, Sandra stood out.  Not only was she the most beautiful, but she loved people and she loved attention.  She likes to act shy and delicate, but don’t let her prissy attitude fool you.  Sandra is athletic and likes to get down at playtime with the others, earning her name, Sandra.

James’ Ladies

Charleston’s Princess Beatrice


  • Salt/Pepper – 16lbs @ 14″ Tall

Beatrice is a sweet girl. She’s still quite shy when compared to some of her other roommates, but she more than makes up for it in personality. One such example is how she’ll creep up close if you choose to eat on the couch, but looks away and rolls around like a weirdo whenever you notice. Bea (or bea-bea when she needs some extra encouragement) is indeed a regular couch potato, but in schnauzer fashion, she keeps up with the best of them when it’s playtime. She’s also quite possibly the biggest cuddler of the group which is quite the achievement.

Maggie’s White Raven


  • Black

Raven is a chip off the old block. She’s a bit of a tomboy being so similar in personality and especially mannerisms to her father Caspian. It’s almost eerie sometimes seeing Ravi zip in and out of the house in the same ‘take charge’ demeanor as her dad or demand affection in the same expectant pose, but the ruse is over when she gets too excited or playful around Queen Victoria (retired) and is promptly reminded who rules the roost. If you want the personality archetypes of a miniature schnauzer distilled in your pup, Raven is your gal. She’s bold, very active, and playful, but can cuddle and lounge with the best of them.