Odetta Shadow White De Pepa


White - 17lbs @ 14" Tall

Odetta is the sweetest thing and is a great addition to our family.  She is so quiet and loving.  She does however love to play with the new babies and does so very gently.  She loves to be outside and of course being white she likes to get dirty.  She is so soft with a beautiful coat and loves to be loved on.  She gets along so well with all the other dogs, always acting puppy like.  She is our all natural dog from Europe.  We love her so very much!  

Rachel's Ladies

Creedmore's Gal Gretta


Black/Silver- 17lbs @ 14" Tall

Gretta is the playfull one in the bunch.  She likes to run and play outside.  She like to take everything she can get her teeth into, outside, LOL!  Gretta is the grab and run kind of girl.  She loves new and noisy toys.  She also is a big snuggler.  When wore out from all her play, she likes to snuggle. 




Black/Silver - 18lbs @ 14" Tall

Victoria is a proper lady. She's polite to dogs and humans alike and tends to be pensive and deliberate in her thoughts and movement. While she is more reserved with her emotions than many others in the family, you can still tell when she's happy or excited just by looking at her eyes. Vicky is also very tolerant and puts up with all kinds of nonsense when asked nicely. She does haircuts and manicures like a champ! While she’ll play with the others, she mostly wants to hang with her papa, and that suits me just fine.

CH Nemesis Oliver's Shadow Of  Wildenberg

Black/Silver - 18lbs @ 14" Tall

What a nice boy Charleston is!  He is very sweet and mild mannered.  The gets along very well with all the other dogs and puppies, and loves people.  Charleston loves to be on your lap and cuddle.  He has the funniest moan-like grunt sound he does when he wants something.  He is always alert and whats to know whats going on around him.  Charleston doesn't bark much only when company comes.  Then my dog choir/doorbell goes off, LOL!



Creedmore's Lady Asha


Dark Salt/Pepper - 18lbs @ 14" Tall

Asha is a bold one. Being both fiercely loyal and utterly fearless makes her an excellent miniature guard dog. She’s either unaware of her size or doesn’t care. Asha could also be mistaken for my shadow from following and watching over me so diligently. Don’t let her game face fool you though! Asha is a big softie who loves to be held. Training was a joy since she’s intelligent and eager, as well as emotive. My favorite thing about her is how she can switch from play time to nap time at the drop of a hat.

Charleston's Lady Clemantine


Salt/Pepper - 13lbs @ 13" Tall

Clem has such a FUN personality! She is constantly making me laugh and smile. She loves attention and will curl up and sleep under the covers or anywhere you put her as long as it's with you. She will snuggle up and sleep with me all night without moving. She is energetic and SMART as a whip. She has a funny hop when she prances around that is completely unique and so funny to watch. Her favorite hideout is her pineaple dog bed. She adores it. She is just all around loving and happy!

Creedmore's Annie Oakley


Black/Silver- 16lbs @ 14" Tall

Lovingly referred to as Rachel's wild child.  Annie is such a character.   She is one of the most intelligent dogs we've had.  She loves to take mom's socks, or really anything and run outside with it.  Annie is always the first to learn new tricks and is the biggest fan of cuddles.  She is always full of energy and is a ray of sunshine in our family.   


Magic's Lady Zelda



Playful, loving, and sweet, that would be Zelda.  She is  a lot like her mother Aria.  Zelda likes to follow you everywhere, get into everything, and be on top of things.  When you take her to bed she wants lots of pats until she has had enough and then snuggles as close as she can get.  Such a sweetheart!  




Salt/Pepper 17lbs. @ 14" Tall

Violet is a very sweet and loyal dog.  She loves to stay right by your side.  She enjoys being in the yard and watching what everyone else is doing.  Violet also enjoys sitting in our lap of an evening watching TV and keeping tabs on everything around her.  She is a very quiet and mild mannered dog.  Barks only when necessary. 

Creedmore's Maggie Mae

"Maggie Mae"


Maggie Mae being our youngest up and coming dog, is still very ornery and playful.  She is always trying to get one of the older dogs to play with her.  Maggie is a very sweet and cuddly girl.  She loves attention and being held.  

Creedmore's Lady Aria


Black - 17lbs @ 14" Tall

Sweet, silly little Aria is my bundle of joy! This quirky girl I refer to as my little goat! If she can get up on top of it she will.  Then she just sits there and watches everyone.  She loves to play with the new babies and keep track of all that is going on.  She is as sweet and loving as can be, just like her mother was.  Her favorite place to be is right by your side or checking the yard to make sure there are no intruders.  

Charleston's Purple Poppi


Salt/Pepper - 14lbs @ 14" Tall

Poppi is such a sweet dog.  Everytime you come into the room she wants loved on and picked up.  She is very playful.  If a table scrape accidently hits the floor or the treats come out she is always the first one to be there and get it.   She loves to be outside in the fresh air and bask in the sun.  Her favorite thing to do is pull all the dog beds out the doggie door into the yard.

White De Pepa Caspian


White - 20lbs @ 14" Tall

Caspian loves to be outside and keep track of everything that is going on in the yard and beyond.  Of course being white automatically makes him want to dig and play in the dirt, lol.   He is a very sweet boy and loves and wants to play with all the other dogs.  When you are in the room he wants to be right with you or walking every step between your legs and on your feet.  

Charleston's Princess Beatrice


Salt/Pepper - 14lbs @ 14" Tall

Beatrice is a girl. She's still quite shy when compared to some of her other roommates, but she more than makes up for it in personality. One such example is how she'll creep up close if you choose to eat at the couch, but looks away and rolls around like a weirdo whenever you notice. Bea (or bea-bea when she need some extra encouragement) is indeed a regular couch potato, but in schnauzer fashion, she keeps up with the best of them when it's playtime. She's also quite possibly the biggest cuddler of the group which is quite the achievemen.

Remington's Lady Bella


Black - 14lbs @ 14" Tall

Bella is a very sweet little girl.  She loves to run outside in the yard like a rabbit.  Darting back and forth trying to get someone to chase her.  Such a great fun loving silly personality.  She likes to be where ever you are.  Bella is the biggest bed hog and loves to snuggle up close.